World Champion Taekwondo Portland Reviews

Great indoor workout and fun way to learn martial arts. The Masters here are highly killed in TKD and good teachers, too.

Mark McClure

Our family attends the Saltzman location under Master Jung. For children and adults alike, he is a phenomenal teacher. We're better parents, stronger children, and having a great time.

Darren V Hart

My son attend in West Union school, under Master Lee education.I am so proud how much my boy improve his social life .thanks all of you Master Lee, Master Jim, Sue and instructors Natalie,Aldrich, Patrick and Benjamin

Cecilia Videla

This place is great. Full of fun and it has a good exercise program for all ages. The Masters are awesome This place has values: Discipline, respect, honor, good exercise program, Friendly Masters.

Travis Libby

Our experience with Master Kim and his staff was out of this world. You become family with this group. I would recommend Tae Kwon Do for all families it's a great experience.

Sheri Carson Erickson

They have great instructors and are awesome with the kids.

Nigai Shitake

My son had been wanting to attend since he was old enough to walk. When he finally turned 4, we were able to enroll and they more than met his (and our) expectations. He is always excited when it’s a “Taekwondo” day.

Doreen Bierce

This place is incredible! They instill respect, discipline and hard work into our kids. They are patient, encouraging and firm with kids. It feels like family the moment you walk in the door. All of the instructors are consistently great. And who can say they have a gold medalist as an instructor?!! Best money my wife and I have ever spent!

Darren Dyck

My son has gone to this school for 2 years and he has thrived, not only in taekwondo but also in other activities. Master Lee, Master Jim and Master Lim are great teachers for all ages, however I think they really connect really well younger students to learn the fundamentals and the basic forms to excel long term in taekwondo. These guys rock!!!

Eric Owens

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